2 HOUR - Tommy Hatwell


From Smart Phone’s to GoPro’s, Compact to Mirrorless and DSLR’s the plethora of camera options available in the world is as strong as it is diverse. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages in any given situation for a desired outcome.

This two-hour creative session is designed specifically to get you up and running with your camera, demystify the menus, settings and jargon. Working at a pace that suits you we can get technical or simply creative, firing as many questions as you can handle the aim is to leave with a clearer understanding of how your creativity can drive your camera towards the images you desire to produce.

- GET TO KNOW YOUR GEAR, [ jargon busting basics, the menus, this option, that button, those dials, this lens, cool strap]

- POSITION & PLACEMENT [ where you stand in relation to your camera ]

- COLOUR [ the colour of light ]

- COMPOSITION & FRAMING [ simple ways to add impact to your images anywhere anytime ]

- EXPOSURE [ controlling the light ] Requirements: No previous knowledge - Digital Camera with Manual Functions

EQUIPMENT - Any Digital Camera, Smart Phone or GoPro. 

LOCATIONS -  Tavistock or Plymouth weather dependant

GROUP SIZE -  Max 2 People

FITNESS -  The session can be tailored to suit any level of fitness or ability

AGE - Any. Under 18? you will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian - who is free to attend the session and learn along with us...or just read a book.

Are you a bigger group - Tap the questions button below. 

Once these sessions are booked we will arrange a time and day and location that works for us. 

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