FOCUS 5 - Tommy Hatwell


Blocks of 2 hours up-to 8hrs. You have grasped the basics, and have a pretty good idea how to swing your camera around capturing your favourite subjects producing images which your friends and family love, but you want more maybe something just isn’t clicking or you would just like to get your head around some new subjects, ideas and techniques.

These are not just limited to taking photographs but involve post-production, social media video and photography, website design and building.

[One to One or Small focused group] £50pp per two hour block


Capturing Motion

Location-based portraiture [natural and flash]

Post Production Lightroom + Photoshop

Video Editing with Premiere Pro

Travel Photography

Macro Photography

Sea, Surf and Coastal Photography

Social Media and Photography

Website design and content

Understanding Flash Photography

Street Photography

Sports Action Photography

Night Photography

Nightclub Photography

Landscape Photography - Urban and Natural

Social Documentary Photography

Product Photography

Editorial Photography

Sessions Run within a 20-mile radius of Tavistock or Plymouth weather dependant locations

GROUP SIZE - One to One up to MAX 4 People £50pp per 2-hour block


- You have your own camera equipment with manual controls

- You have a good working knowledge of manual camera settings.

-All Ages, [Under 16s will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is free to attend the session and learn along with us or just read a book.

- Fitness and Abilities - This day can be tailored to suit any level of fitness or ability

Dewerstone Fit
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