MAY 12 & 19 WORKSHOPS - Tommy Hatwell

Howdy and Welcome,

I'm Tommy, I have been taking, making and creating a lot of photographs over the last 15 years through an adventurous and very exciting personal learning process whilst travelling around the world and more recently a 3-year degree. I love to share my knowledge and learn from others, so I have added some set dates for some group workshops in May 2018.

May time workshops will cover much of the topics and content that I teach in the full 8 hour day sessions which are normally priced at £125, CLICK on the button below to find out more about the day and CLICK on the contact button to get in touch and book your spot for a day with me and some other camera-wielding friends.

DATES - MAY 12 & MAY 19


COSTS - £65 PP

This is a small group workshop with plenty of time to explore and learn all whilst taking some great photographs and asking tons of questions.

I look forward to hearing from you. Tommy

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