This is a route one service directly to Tommy, over the last 10 years I have taken more terrible images than I can count, these all help me understand what it feels like to create strong ones, and help you see the strengths and possible areas for improvement in your work.

These sessions are relaxed and focused on offering critical yet productive feedback to help elevate you and your work. 

Portfolio Review sessions are run digitally via the internet, we will use the free video calling program Skype

If you look at my work and believe you could benefit from sharing yours with me, I’d love the opportunity to see and discuss it with you.


Lightroom is an integral and powerful part of my post-production and delivery workflow, I believe it should be an extension of any photographers kit bag, but like many software programs, it can take a little while to find your way around.

This digital session is 1hr 30min and held through Skype, we use the shared screen facility and move step by step, from what we do before we even open the program right through to closing it down at the end of the session and all the fun stuff in between. 

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