TALKS - Tommy Hatwell
Aiport Grind

Around the world and back again with a camera and absolutely no rolls of film, well apart from the one he ruined.

Tommy has travelled, lived and worked around the world, been published in various papers and magazines he even found himself having a whale of a time on sky news in New Zealand. More recently his work was presented at the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in London.

In this talk, he will share with you his photographic journey and adventures through both digital stills,  moving image and a small number of printed photographs.

With people, travel and adventure at the forefront of his photographic drive, Tommy will go beyond the image and behind the scenes to share the moments before, after and in-between the people,  places,  adventures and relationships in his favourite photographs.

A confident, engaging speaker Tommy will deliver a talk to your chair laced with amusement and inspiration from a world away.

The talk splits into two sections of 45 minutes allowing for an interval and plenty of audience participation.

Tommy is a member of Tavistock CC and based in South West UK,   Devon and Cornwall are very accessible but he's no stranger to a little bit of travel if you're further afield.

If you have any questions or would like to book Tommy to talk at your club night, school or university then tap the button below...

  • Camel Train
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  • Tuesday - Dartmoor
  • GB'S Alan Ward committing to it on the Nile Special in Uganda
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